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In 2004, Todd Schneider was in deep trouble. Co-infected with both Hepatitis B and C, he was in liver cirrhosis (fibrosis stage 4), on the transplant list, and undergoing a hepatic “flare” of the immune system. Todd’s condition was established by a transjugular biopsy and his FibroScan results posted on this page.

That was the beginning of a remarkable journey that brought together some of the brightest medical minds in the world, on both on the clinical side and the research side, to research and develop a Medical Food strategy, using the latest known science in fibrogenesis and virology, to help reduce the collagen load in Todd’s liver and bring him back to a state of health and vitality.

Please note that the HepTech Comprehensive Medical Food Protocol is NOT a cure for Hepatitis. During the entire course of the events shown below, Todd’s viral loads have stayed in the tens of millions, even to this day. His unusually elevated readings are a result of Todd’s co-infection with Hepatitis B and C. Patients that are not co-infected typically have much lower viral loads, but even for them the HepTech Comprehensive Medical Food protocol will not clear a patient of the virus.

2004 FibroScan


2006 FibroScan


2009 FibroScan


2011 FibroScan