Pharmaceutical-grade 99% pure polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC)

  • Optimizes liver cell health and healing
  • Restores cellular membrane fluidity
  • Enhances intercellular communication
  • Formulated without Alcohol for Liver Health



Polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC) is a critical part of the membranes of your cells. It keeps these membranes fluid and smooth so that they can grow, communicate, and interact with all the other organs of your body.

Sometimes phospholipids like PPC become depleted in certain organs like the liver, with long term alcohol use. These organs become stiff and hard (a condition medically known as fibrosis or cirrhosis) and are basically scarred up. They often function poorly, and may eventually fail.

It has been found that giving PPC to people with a history of long term alcohol consumption slowed and even stopped the progression of fibrosis and cirrhosis in the liver.

Even more exciting, it is suspected that these beneficial effects are not isolated only to the liver – all cells require the correct phospholipids in their membranes to maintain optimal health and run correctly. Although the liver has been the most studied so far, it is likely that many other organs derive benefit from PPC supplementation.

This is an age where we spend incredible amounts of time and money in order to make our skin look as smooth, fresh and supple as possible. We hate to say it, but your skin is really just a layer of dead cells with the main function of acting as a barrier to the outside world. But consider the “skin” of your internal self – the membranes of your cells and the suppleness of your body organs. This is where true health and vitality begins, and ensuring the fluidity of your internal membranes is a key step to organ function and internal vitality!

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